Ways to Help

It is hoped that you have enjoyed the photos on this website. Many of the primates at Monkey World have suffered terribly. In a perfect world, there would be no need for places like Monkey World. The animals residing there have not learned the skills necessary to be released back into the wild, they never got the chance. This is the next best thing and it is hoped the photos reflect that the primates are leading a fulfilling life.

You can help in many ways.

Keeping Cozy

There is always a need for sheets and blankets especially in winter.  The chimps love them. (not duvets as the stuffing can get eaten!!!)


  You can adopt a primate. This is a very popular way to show support. You get a certificate, photo, magazines and free entry pass for 1 year. Details can be found here.


  Donations can be made via the Jim Cronin Memorial website. Details here.

Trees, Benches, Pavers and more

  You can  sponsor trees, benches and pavers with your own inscriptions. Click here for details


  There a various fundraising events held throughout the year. 2012 is celebrating the 25th anniversary of the park with a special event in the summer. Details here.

Visit Monkey World

  What better way to show your support than visiting the park and having a great day out. If you go, spend all day there. If you want to see the animals acting as naturally as possible, you need patience. It is not a zoo. The animals are not there to perform. Its their home. Take the time and you will get far more pleasure than a quick once round.


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  • Sinead

    Love your photos Richard! And absolutely love and adore your beautiful subjects! 🙂 Thanks for donating the pics to Monkey World and for allowing us to contribute to the cause by purchasing them. Take care and happy snapping! Sinéad 🙂

    • admin

      Thank you very much for your lovely comments. Everything is done for the primates.

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