September Sleepover

The sleepover events at Monkey World are great. People get the chance to camp in the grounds and actually walk around the park itself after closing hours and watch the primates bed down for the night. After arrival and setting up tents, there was a briefing from the staff, then a lovely buffet was put on. You were then free to walk the park till about 8.00pm. After that more food and entertainment provided by the staff. There was a quiz and some music in the cafeteria. Then everyone exits to the campsite where a huge fire was lit and more entertainment. There was music and fire dancing, all courtesy of the staff. What time people actually got to bed, I don’t know!!!

In the morning at 7.30am there was full breakfast in the cafeteria and then you were free to walk around the park before it opens at 10.00am.

It is great to see the primates when the park is quiet.

Sunday 16th was another fundraising day. There was the Bungee Madness. Supporters and staff were bungee jumping to raise funds for the Jim Cronin Memorial Fund. About 60 people ended up jumping and hopefully lots of money was raised. Whilst this was going on musical entertainment was provided by The Brass Monkeys. For audience participation, The Maverick Slacklines were putting on a show of their acrobatic skills on “a large elastic band” with a smaller one for everyone else to give it a try.

With all this going on, there were not so many photos of the primates taken, but the ones that were will be posted on the site as soon as possible.

All in all a short but very good visit and the weather was good!!

This year at Monkey World has been jam packed with events to celebrate the 25th Anniversary of the park.
The Jim Cronin Memorial Gala Dinner in April
Sleepover, Screening of Project Nim, Staff talks and the 25th Party in July – what a week that was!!!
Sleepover and Fundraising day in September.

The person behind all the organisation should be extremely proud of what they have achieved. This person deserves a very huge congratulations and also deserves a relaxing break. Monkey World would not be the place it is today without them.