Christmas 2011

Set off in foul weather on 23rd December. Heavy rain most of the way. Arrived at 3.00pm, later than expected. As it was still raining the camera stayed in the car. Had a quick look around. The things that had changed since October were, the Siamang Gibbon enclosure is undergoing work so no Sam and his new friend to be seen, The Woolly Monkey enclosure had finished its refurbishment and the Woollys were back in residence. The bedroom for the Siamang Gibbons was now occupied by the marmosets. Malagasy, the Lemur enclosure, was also closed. Spoke to Jeremy at 4.00pm as he brought Sally’s group their tea, handed in a car full of donations, and left for the day.

As for the photography, the skies remained dull all 3 remaining days and made photography difficult, especially with the telephoto. The cold weather kept the primates indoors a lot of the time (Sensible!!) but most of them did venture outside for some of the time. Christmas eve was probably the brightest day. Managed to get some good shots and you can view them by clicking the button below.

Next trip is at Easter, which includes the Gala Dinner and Auction in Poole.

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