Fantastic Customer Service

How’s this for excellent customer service!!!! It is not normal practice for Spiral X to promote businesses on this site, but this is an exception as it helps Monkey world
These guys are fantastic. My Canon 5dMkii broke whilst shooting some promotional shots for a well known animal sanctuary (guess which one) on 16th September. I had full repair cover and got in touch with these guys on 18th September. By the time they sent out all the necessary packaging and I sent the camera, they acknowledged receipt on Friday 21st. I was told it would be 2 weeks before I saw it again. This camera was needed for another shoot in Bournemouth on 2nd October and I would need the camera on 28th as I am travelling on 29th. I put a nice letter in the package explaining the situation and that my fee was being donated directly to charity. Last night (27th) I had the camera back, fully working. I cannot thank these guys enough and would recommend them highly.
It shows that caring customer service is still alive and kicking.