25th Anniversary Celebrations

What a week!!!

Best week spent at Monkey World. Set off at 5.ooam on Saturday 7th July (Great Big Sleepover). Weather was OK until Oxford when it started raining and got heavier and heavier all the way to the park. The sleepover had officially been cancelled due to the weather!!! However for those that had travelled, it would still go ahead, albeit on a much smaller scale. About 30 people made it. Tent erected in pouring rain, soaking wet. Good start. Despite the rain, everyone was in good spirits. The welcome buffet was moved to the cafe, followed by a roam around the park. All the entertainment was also conducted in the cafe with a full pig roast. The staff were great. The night was a success. A few people stayed up talking till midnight before bedding down for the night. Sunday morning was totally different. Weather was great. Breakfast was provided in the cafe. This left a couple of hours to roam the park before it opened.

Monday and Tuesday – the weather held and got plenty of photos. Wednesday had been designated for the photo tour of the park. Fingers were crossed for the weather. Despite a couple of showers, the day was brilliant. The tour was conducted by one of the more famous members of staff and included access to the observation towers (Hananya’s, Paddy’s, Gordon’s, Bachelor’s and Capuchin’s) The tour lasted all day. Without the restriction of the thick glass, the photo opportunities were fantastic. Of course all the primates were interested in what was going on and came over to look. If you get the chance to do this tour just do it!!!!! Best day ever. Monkey World was host to the screening of Project Nim on Wednesday Evening. Great way to finish the day.

Thurday and the rain returned – all day. Photos were limited, but battled on. Friday was much better.

Saturday was the official 25th anniversary. There were talks by staff about what was going on in the park and with E.A.S.T. in Vietnam. It was very interesting and gave a deeper insight into what Monkey World is all about.

The week was rounded off by Party in the Park. This was held in a big top tent with entertainment from 2 live bands and an African acrobatic act. Jeremy Keeling arrived from his 900 mile journey, retracing the original route taken to bring the first 9 chimps to Monkey World. There was a very special cake to mark the occasion. See it here.

Both new arrivals, Awan (orangutan) and Eva (Woolly Monkey) are doing well. Sam and Sasak, the Siamang Gibbons, were singing in the trees, which was great to hear. The new marmoset house is nearing completion. There are plans for other new exciting developments, which as ever, will need funding with your help. Please do what you can to support this amazing place.

Over 1500 photos were taken and it will take a little bit of time to edit them and get them online.

Next Visit will be on 29th July for 1 week. Not long to go!!!

Update: Photos Now Online. Click the Button Below.