Spiral X – Monkey World Photographs for fans of Monkey World

Welcome to Spiral X.  This site is dedicated to Monkey World Photographs. Monkey World is a primate rescue and rehabilitation centre created by the dreams and determination of Jim Cronin. It is not a zoo or collection of animals. It is hoped that the photographs on this site show that the primates are living as natural a life as possible, thanks to the tireless work of all the staff. The variety of primates at the centre are shown below. Plenty more photographs can be accessed via the menus and are divided into the relevant visits over the last 5 years. If you have enjoyed the pictures and feel inspired, why not give a small donation via the Jim Cronin Memorial Website, or better still, visit Monkey World and give them your support.

Spiral X is not employed by Monkey World or any associated agencies. Spiral X is an avid supporter of Monkey World and keen amateur photographer who hopes that the pictures on this site can help promote the rescue and rehabilitation of primates around the world. All the photos on this site have been donated to Monkey World.